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Neos Marmaras Sithonia

Neos Marmaras is situated on the second leg of Halkidiki, Sithonia, which is just 120 km away from Thessaloniki. Mounted on five hills, N. Marmaras reminds you of an island.

After a two year wandering around Greece, the refugees of the island of Marmara settled in a place which brought back to their minds vivid memories of their once lost homeland; that was the Byzantine settlement “Balabani’ which was renamed N. Marmaras.

In a few decades they managed to turn the inhospitable, yet charming nature into a picturesque outport and, later on, into a top- ranking destination for tourists triggering a strong desire for advancement and development and thus making Marmara one of the highest class resorts in Northern Greece. Up to 1970 the local people of the nearby mountainous village called Parthenonas had settled as well. That was the time when a great dreamer, John Carras, completed his enterprising dream creating one of the most outstanding hotel units in Greece: Porto Carras.

Grace was unsparingly granted by nature to this particular lot: lacy coasts border the clean deep blue sea, pines coast abundantly down to the pebbles; the flora interweaves the sea with the mountains satisfying in this way every taste. Every year our coasts are awarded blue flags and in ten minutes you can be from the centre of N. Marmaras to the remotest beach but also on the imperious top of mountain Dragoudelis.


Paradisos beach can be found to the north of the center, featuring calm waters, gradual entry into the water and tranquil atmosphere.
Neos Marmaras’s beaches are rewarded with the “blue flag”, which is a synonym for the beauty and crystal cleanness of the waters.
One-kilometer long main beach boasts more natural shade, tourist facilities (showers, toilets, beach-volley court…), and sand. Entrance into the water is also gradual.


Neos Marmaras, in general, is chosen for a family and peaceful vacation, but several cafes, nightclubs and beach clubs provide entertainment during the day and night for all ages.