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Traditional Products


Halkidiki Traditional Products


Halkidiki is the mother of beekeeping. Over 2 tons of honey production annual of the best quality is sufficient to characterize Halkidiki as the center of beekeeping in Greece. Aristotle 2.300 years ago praised the honey and its benefits to man by saying that honey prolongs life. Today the beekeepers of Halkidiki keep to the tradition and exploit the rich fauna of Kassandra, Sithonia and North Halkidiki, in the most pure way by producing great quantities of honey.


Halkidiki, thanks to its climate and to the morphology of its land, produces oil and olives, which are distinctive for their special taste and quality. The olive trees of Halkidiki are cultivated without chemical interventions. The olives of Halkidki are rich in phenological and organic characteristics (substances which are necessary for the operation of the human organization) and they are processed having as their only principle the satisfaction of the consumers.


Tsipouro on the other hand, is the clear product of the marcs distillation, which means that it is not submitted to any scenting process. The variety and the fermentation procedures of the grapes, the distillation way, the analogy of ingredients are the determinative factors during the production procedure. Tsipouro is colorless, and has a very high degree of alcohol, that is why it is often drunk with water and always with some “mezedes” (snacks).